Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Jack Frost

Still haven't sorted out the pics of the Bean Geese and Shrikes, I've been too busy fixing central heating and birding so you've had a reprieve!  Being in E.Yorks I'm pretty blessed with decent birding sites, there's North Cave, Swinemoor and any number of sites on the Humber or coast including my favourite Hornsea.  But one site I never give much time to is Top Hill Low, it's got a great track record for pulling in good birds including a particular Falcon we won't mention! But what's struck me lately is just how good it is in winter for general birding.  I had a walk round there on Sunday morning and saw Smew, Pintail, Merlin, Peregrine, and a decent flock of Whitefronts.  In the last few weeks I've done the roost 5 tims and only one had anyone else there so it's certainly not given too much coverage.  Then again long shanks Martin tells me there's only been 2 white winged Gulls in about the last ten years that have roosted on more than one night so maybe it's not worth putting too much time in!  I have at least seen a regular adult Med Gull on most visits and a 1st winter once.

This is an S95 videograb from some footage hand held tonight at about 4.25pm!!!!

It's been pretty nippy round here the last few days and the frost has been spectacular, here's a few arty shots of the frost.

 These are all with the S95 just sharpened and cropped but no other manipulation done.

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