Thursday, 19 January 2012

Had a couple of hours out this afternoon, was going to go see if the cracking 1st w Caspo was at Wheldrake but by the time I tore myself away from the Snooker it was too late to be worh it.  So I decided on a trip to North Cave where there was a second w Med Gull on the main lake but not many other Gulls so I ventured to Newport tip where there was one Common Gull in the field where they all sit but knack all else.

Shite phonescoped pic cos my camera was still plugged int the computer after downloading the Cattle Egret pics yesterday.  The light was so bright the phone couldn't deal with the contrasty conditions!

With only about an hour or so before dark Fafleet seemed like the best bet.  Turned out to be a pretty good hour in the end with 22 Marsh and a single Hen Harrier hunting over the reedbeds or moving upriver towards Blacktoft to roost.  Many of the Gulls that use the tips in the area such as Holme on Salding Moor, Newport and even Harewood whin at York use the Humber to roost so literally thousands of Gulls were coming in from the north.  unfortunately they were all distant to the east so I couldnt nail the one white winger.  It looked like an Iceland gull prob a second winter or worn faded juv but s it just looked white I cant rule out an albino/leucistic Herring.  I'll probably go down and try to find  vantage point to view this roost in the next week or so as it's cetinly the largest roost in E.Yorks.

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Tim Jones said...

Jack text me earlier, guess it was you that rang shortly after, was in a lecture so couldn't ring!

Went down to Wheldrake yesterday and there was no sign of the Capsian from 2 till dusk, large gulls didn't drop in till late though and none actually roosted, waters dropped too much now I think.