Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Firstly I have to start this post by telling you how sorry I am (seem to be doing a lot of apologising lately!) That I misled you by suggesting that I was ahead of Tim Isherwood.  I'm not.  In fact until the Wheatear Tim was one ahead of me, so we're now level, my mistake.  You can stop sulking now Tim.

I went back for seconds of the Izzy on Sat and had a bit of a seawatch to try out my new toy, a Kowa 883.  I'm very impressed with the 30x wide.   But more on that later when it's cold and there's no birds to write about.

Sunday I had to make a mad dash over to Wintersett for the Penduline Tit.  Feckin thing had fecked off tho.  It's the first one since 92 in the county, with the exception of one that flew south at Spurn over 2 birders heeds a couple of years ago which was never submitted.

Anyway  I had to dash back down Spurn today for the Pied Wheatear, the 3rd I've seen there now, seems like it's a good week for Wheatears maybe we'll finally get another Desert.  You simply won't believe me if I tell you the last at Spurn was in 1962, I said you wouldn't believe it!

With this in mind I walked the cliff top along the caravan park and back down Beacon lane without seeing any rare Wheatears which is why I'm going to talk about finches!  I was going to check the Crown car park for Hume's Warblers as there were a couple reported on the pager but I didn't get that far.  I flushed this Arctic Redpoll from some nettles along the lane and didn't get any further before dark.  Still nice though.

Looks like Carl White has taken it outside

Brief snatch of it's masseeve pale rump

Fancy a line?

With a Lesser 

As you can see the light was shit but I managed to get these grabs off some of the video I took.


Anonymous said...

Common Redpoll. Why do you tink it is an Arctic? Maybe you need news bins as well as a new scope.

Yorkslister said...

If you leave your name I'll take the time to go through the ID with you. If not then don't bother posting!

Anonymous said...

To me it looks better for an Arctic Redpoll than a Common Redpoll in these pics. Buff facial area and ear coverts, structure (especially small bill, 'squashed' face and hollow cheeks, as well as neck), sparsely streaked flanks, very white greater covert bar, white, unstreaked rump, 'shaggy trousers' etc. Don't think there's anything wrong with your bins, undoubtedly better than other anons 'humour' anyway!!!!