Monday, 14 September 2009

The Ron delivers! Weather looked half rare today so we were expecting a few birds early on it came in misty and drizzly walking the walls (they're not dykes, you don't get wet when walking them!) nr the obs it seemed a bit quiet, just a willow to show for the first hour. Towel got a call from one of the islanders about some good seawatching, a change of plan was clearly in order as we made our way back to the obs we flushed a group of Snipe and a Redshank, whilst checking thru them I got onto a Pec, just as I was about to call it out Towel said there's a Pec calling, yeah I know I'm on it here turns out the bird he had was sat in the field at the side of us and mine flew off and landed on Gretchen loch.
Half an hour later we were ensconced in the seawatch hide with almost zero visibility, the murk lifted and highlights were finding 1 Great Shear (a really good bird in Scotland, some of the top listers still need it) 60 odd Sooties and 3 Great Northerns plus a big Minkie Whale. A good walk round the south end later we saw the two pecs again and possibly a 3rd bird otherwise pretty quiet with just 1 Lesserthroat and 1 Whitethroat plenty of Wheatears and 1 Merlin.

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