Thursday, 3 September 2009

You know when you wake up and you know a day is gonna be shit? Well Tuesday was one of them days! We woke in the tent on the Garrison to heavy rain, Arse, it did stop but the tent was still wet as we packed it away, the chopper was delayed by about half an hour which didn't seem to be important at the time.
When we made it back to Penzance we made the short dash to Marazion for the Cit Wag which had been showing everyday since we went onto Scilly, no sign, nobody had seen it all day. 3 hours later it came on the pager showing 20 mins after we had left, Arse.

We made good progress along the A30 and up the M5 not really getting held up too much at all, then whilst taking a detour to Farmoor res for the Septic Tern we hit standing traffic, Arse
What makes people suddenly lose the ability to drive? Fucking wankers, it took us nearly 2 hours to get through it. With about an hour before dusk we made it through the jam but still had 35 miles to go it was gonna be tight.
Finally made it to the res, some bloke checking permits in windscreens made me a bit edgy so Mel (with a little persuasion) volunteered to stay with the car just in case he produced a wheelclamp. I shot off up the bank, and nearly got blown back down again, fuck it's windy!
I walked along to the causeway to some birders who seemed to be watching something, but when I got round the sailing club they'd fecked off half way along the causeway. Time to scan for it myself then, getting shelter from a horse box full of canoes and Little Gull, Med Gull, Yellow legged Gull and 2 Hobby's later I'd come to the conclusion it wasn't on that res so I turned round into the full face of the wind. This wasn't going to be easy it's a big res! Finally after about 5 mins (seemed longer) I'd got the birds high up in the sky silhouetted against the clouds, Arse.
They eventualy came down over the water but there were so many sails going throuth my scope I was getting seriously pissed off trying to keep track of them. I moved about halfway along the bank (and the birders went to the far end!) and picked them up again, I could easily see the WWBT but the septic was proving difficult I could see it was obviously darker above and could just about convince myself it had dusky flanks but that's about it. Then it got dark, Arse.

I made my way back to the car really pissed off 2 1/2 hours I'd lost on the way which would have given me plenty of time to really grill it. I hate Farmoor res I'M NEVER GOING BACK THERE AGAIN!!!!

As soon as we set off I knew fuel was gonna be an issue the warning light had been on for a while on the last leg but I couldn't waste the daylight filling up, I just about made it into the services on the Oxford ring road without having to resort to Mel pushing! And the services were shut, Arse.
All the lighs were on but it was all coned off. I figured the guy working there had gone for a shit so we went for a Burger King (other fast food meat based products are availabe) and fortunately he'd finished by the time we came out! Things did get a little better after that, I found a tenner on the floor of the forecourt and the journey home was uneventful.

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