Saturday, 5 September 2009

Well seems I had one pint too many last night! Slept in and didn't get to Flamborough til half 8ish about an hour too late as all the sooty's had dried up and I missed the Cory's! Had a steady trickle of Manx and a few Bonxie and Arctics, one Skua was probably a Long tail but a bit too distant. After not seawatching at Flamboro for about 7 or 8 years one thing that did strike me was how different stuff looks to Spurn. Must be due to looking down on them, the Skua for instance wasn't that far out and at Spurn I'd have seen the shape of the chest and belly (which I always think is the best feature shape wise) but due to the height I was at just couldn't see this. Anyway hoping some of the stuff is still in the NW tomorrow as I'm working in Wales Monday and will be driving past, also don't start on Monday til noon so gonna try seawatching off somewhere like Strumble.

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