Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Well today was just as quiet as yesterday walked most of St Mary's today and saw 1 Willow Warbler in Holy Vale, and the Ruff on Porthellick but nothing else!

I've only been to the Scillies twice before once for the day to twitch the Courser the other year and in 87 for two weeks. I'd either forgot or was too young to realise how gorgeous the place is, they really are beautiful. I also liked the look of some of the places for birding such as Lower Moors and Holy Vale I really could imagine a monster yank lurking in them.

Well Saturday evening 5pm and we were on the quay waiting for the evening shark fishing trip Mel was really excited about the prosect of seeing one, I however was more concerned about seeing a Wilson's. off we set and after about an hour we killed the engine and started to drift. I hadn't mentioned the 'chum' to Mel so I think it came as a bit of a surprise to her when they opened a bucket of teh most foul smelling rotting fish known to man, I was fighting back the contents of my stomach honestly it was foul and the wind blowing the smell straight back towards us. I managed to hold down my dinner a couple of peoople, who have to remain nameless, didn't manage it!!!

After about 2 hours I was begining to think I'd dipped when a shout went up and a Wilson's went passed the boat and investigated the chum slick briefly. About half an hour later I picked up another bird over the chum and shorltly after another flew passed the back of the boat at about 4-6 feet raange but was too quick for the camera, actaully it was too quick for the useless feck behind it!

I reckon there were at least 3 if not 4 birds in total but they only claimed 2. We also saw a Grey Phal but not much else, which was a bit surprising considering the amount of stuff seen off mainland Cornwall.

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