Thursday, 17 September 2009

Had to do a mammoth shop today for the 6 of us who are going onto Foula, car was totally overloaded with tesco bags! Dropped the food and beer off at walls ferry terminal, the use of the word terminal here may surprise anyone who has been there! Hopefully it will have been taken across by the boat, we'll find out when we get there tomorrow!
After sorting out our nosebag for Foula we went to Unst caught up with a Barred Warbler at Valyie and a Pied Fly and Chiff but they seem to have been there since the last sniff of east which seems like sometime last nov! Caught up for quick chats with The F, Penno and Rory before getting back to Lerwick. Developed a chest infection since being up here so went to the hossy to try get some antibiotics, had a really nice evening in Lerwick A&E for 3 hours not being seen to! Finally got sorted, good excuse to keep off the beer next week and spent more time in the field, having said that the weather looks shite it's gonna be hard keeping up the enthusiasm, reckon it's gonna be a septic or nowt!

Barred in typical Shetland habbo, potatoes!

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Mike Watson said...

Hi Gary, Are any of the Spurn lads going to Masirah this autumn? Will be there 29-30 October. BR Mike