Sunday, 4 October 2009

Fri 18th
Flew into Foula this morning, looks amazing from the plane, east side of island is flat and low lying then it rises stupidly steeply in the west it's like flying into a wall!
Ristie where we're staying is class kinda like one big room with a massive window looking out over a pool that has to have a yank wader on it.
Found out when we got here there is another birder on the island staying in the annexe part of's Andrew Grieve ex Blacktoft warden and Flamborough supressor, this should be fun! There is also a birder who's semi resident on the island.
Walked all the way to the south end of the island and back this afternoon Ham valley looks shit hot rare, not keen on Hametoun tho too much cover and I fell in the feckin burn, twice.
Really surprised to see more migrants than on the Ron and mainland Shetland, some of team saw a Barred Warbler.

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