Sunday, 4 October 2009

Thurs 24th
If anybody reading this has read the Punkbirders account of their trip to Shetland where they say finding rares in Shetland is as easy as putting on a hat don't believe a fuckin word of it its seriously hard we're all geting a bit pissed off so it makes it worse that the southern crew arrived yesterday, they conprise Kevin Shepherd, Paul and Neil Wright the bastards go out and find a Marsh Warbler today! to be fair they all seem good lads. On balance we all agreed it is one even though it's wings are a little on the short side. At least it's given us a kick up the arse to get out and do more.
Grievious is withdrawing his Booted Warbler claim so maybe his issues with passerines aren't as bad as with Charadriformes!
The mouse is back, it's apparently a Wood Mouse of the endemic Foula race.

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