Thursday, 8 October 2009

Mon 5th
Arrived on Fair Isle on the first plane of the day and dumped my bag at the chalet before wandering down the road to see a Blyth's Reed which gives great views and calls plenty.

After walking the south end of the island to get my bearings I've seen a few migrants but nothing else really of note. I get back to lower stoneybreck for another look at the Blyth's to be greeted by the news there's a River Warbler in the same garden. Bastard thing has gone to ground so it looks like i've dipped. They manage to catch the Blyth's which has a marginal wing formula, I'm pleased when they take bios and it turns out to be one. I was confident of the ID in the field so would have had to rethink how easy they if it had been a Reed!
ERJack shows me round the island so I get a better idea of where I can go without upsetting the locals, it seems pretty much anywhere is on the cards apart from gardens, quite a difference to Foula.

After ditching Jack to get some peace and quiet I take in lower stoneybreck on the way back. The dog here comes up to me for some attention and repays me making a fuss of it by jumping into the roadside grass and kicking out the River Warbler which sits on top of the wall for a minute, result. Fecking typical I'd left my camera behind cos of the earlier rain! Deryk and Si come armed with nets and although the bird flushes a few times it won't go anywhere near them.

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