Saturday, 10 October 2009

The time to go home has arrived so I had to book my ferry back to Aberdeen this morning. Tried for the Sabs that had been reported but an hour or so if looking at all the Gulls in Bressay sound produced nothing, well not nothing there's a few Kittiwakes but no Sabs.

I intended to start in the Sumburgh area and gradually work my way north but after seeing no other birders for the first hour sumburgh farm area was suddenly innundated with them so I made my excuses and headed north to look for the yank goldie at Boddam, couldn't even find the flock so when a message came through from Rob Fray about a Bonelli's at Ellister I went for a quick look. A chiff in the same trees had a very smoky grey heed which seemed odd can't remember seeing one quite like that before, didn't get any pics unfortunately it's an interesting bird.

Shame it wasn't going 'chip'

I stumble on some cracking habbo at Geosetter which looks monster but fails to produce the expected first for Britain! I have to make do with a Pied Fly and a few Goldcrest.
Early afternoon the weather closes in and I decide the best way to spend time is by trying to find the goldies, which takes some doing but eventually I have about a mile in pissing rain, the only grey things I can see are the clouds! I have a kick round Quendale but only manage to unearth a lesserthroat.
With the rain easing I go back to Sumburgh which is now birderless, fortunatly it's not birdless and I set about the quarries/farm/hotel/grutness area but only have a couple of lesserthroats, a blackcap, a possible loco and lots of Thrushes, the only trouble is they are all Redwing, Songies and Blackbirds...Surely just one Black throated isn't too much to ask?

Last day tomorrow I've got to go home and sort some work out or I can't eat!

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