Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Sun 4th
Gav is leaving at 3 today so I have to get him to the airport, we decide to do the south mainland.
Whilst wating for the garage to open for fuel we check loch of clickimmin and have 2 scaup, Gav hears a buzzy flava call twice but we can't find it and assume it's just a Starling fuckin about.
After a bit of discussion we decide to check Wester Quarff as I've never been there, turns out to be a cracking move as one of the first birds we see is a superb Arctic Warbler.

Pretty chufffed after scoring a bird we've both mentioned in the previous couple of weeks as something we'd love to find we head south with high expectations of pulling out a mega. Stopping off a Boddam we get a Barred Warbler (second of the day, there's one in the Arctic garden) then move to Sumburgh where I nearly disappear as I sink into the bog underneath the Virkie willows! Can't find the Bluethroat in Rob frays Garden or the Yellow browed in an admitedly quick search so we clear off to the Hotel where another Yellow browed gives itself up instantly, the little git won't sit still for it's picture taking tho!

After dumping Gav at the airport I check Sumburgh head and Grutness then head back to Lerwick. A walk round Seafield produces nothing but 2 more Yellow broweds at Helendale rounds the day off nicely. News coming in of 2 possible eastern .flavas on Shetland makes me think it may not have been a Starling after all! Off to fair isle in the morning so here's hoping it starts getting some birds it's definately been in the shade of Foula and the rest of Shetland the last week, which is surprising

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