Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Called in on the way home to see the Buff breast at Saltholme pools but no sign. Met up briefly with Dave Braithwaite one of my old college lecturers and Toby Collett who also went to Bishop Burton they both work there Dave being the site manager and Toby a general dogsbody and WWF wrestler lookalike with his daft facial hair! They've done a remarkable job of turning what was basically a shitty little roadside flood into a proper nature reserve!

Speaking of shitty there's a bit of a furore starting to build up over the Hooded Merg that's in Cleveland. Let me first say I've absolutely no interest in this bird it's shit it's also plastic as a bondage suit. The trouble is the bloody BBRC accepted the bird in Fife last year and it looks like this might be the same bird so as I was passing on my way south I had a look for about 4 seconds then fucked off home.

Dodgy plastic duck rubbish!

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