Sunday, 4 October 2009

Tues 29th
Westerly was crashing round the room all night the little twat woke me up rattling the beer cans we used for the bowling pins and munching on a rug all night lucky bastard!
Birds today included a Corncrake at Hametoun in full view sunning itself and a prob Arctic Poll that flew over calling whilst we failed to refind the Buff bellied Pipit Kev Shepherd has seen, arse.
We helped out the islanders today loading scrap onto the boat that comes and removes it twice a year, judging by the amount lying around they could do with it twice a week! Gav commented that the pile of scrap is now workable habitat and we'll find a Blue Robin in it in a day or two! Anyway the islanders seemed pleased we helped out so should have got birders some brownie points with them, it's worked with Isobel anyway she's lending us her old car for the next few days, result no more walking.

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