Monday, 26 October 2009

Thursday 22nd
There were a few more birds around today but nothing like I was hoping for. Other sites seemed to fair better than Spurn for a change best birds were a sibe type chiff at the gas terminal first thing which I didn't see very well but was giving a good call, a Firecrest at the point and a steady trickle of stuff moving south. Mid afternoon I went back to the gas terminal with Wozzer who picked up a Pied Fly, pretty late that and it showed a faint grey collar. A quick check of it's age revealed it was an adult and with a primary patch on the large side for a Pied but nowhere near big enough for anything else plus the extent of white in the tail any brief hopes were soon forgotten.

Whilst a Kew Paul caught this Chiff which he' d got down as an 'abietinus' there were a few around approaching this in colour but any that called sounded normal, in the filed the green tones evident in the pic were impossible to see, I'm starting to think these eastern chiffs are as bad as eastern lesserthroats!!!

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