Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sun 27th
Last night westerly found his way into the house and spent the night eating the rug next to my bed!
AT LAST something new! Gav found a Hornemanns Redpoll flying over stromness, then Frenchy relocated it at Harrier, it gave us all the run around before finally returning to Stromness and showing stupidly well, it's a stunner and tame as feck it tried to land on my shoulder twice and kept harrassing the photoraphhers! At least now we're not going home without a BB. Whilst watching it Grievious came over and stated talking to Paul about the RSPB, he avoids us for a week then we couldn't shut him up very strange bloke.
Apparently it's going easterly tomorrow night, Gav says if it doesn't he's just gonna turn the pole round that the weather vane is attached to!
The beer has run out, supplies should arrive Tues, if the wind doesn't change we're gonna need some.

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