Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Sat 3rd
The day started off pretty uneventfully with me and Gav having a lay in whilst the others gett up at stupid o'clock to get the 05.45 boat to yell so they can get to Fetlar and back to Lerwick in time for their ferry back to Aberdeen.
We meet up on Unst after they have crackin views of the Fly and score a Rosefinch at Valyie, there is a mobile Horny poll on Lamba ness but none of us can be bothered to go look and instead split up to check various sites, nothing of interest is forthcoming.

About 3pm we say see ya to the others as they set off south and gav and me go to Uyeasound, I drop him off and drive back up the road to get some phone signal so I can speak to my beloved and WHAM the feckin scouser finds a Pechora in my absence, what a total twat thats right up there on my self found wish list! I don't even have time to look for it as we're booked on the half 4 ferry to Fetlar for the Fly.
We see the Fly in really crap light as its pissing it down the whole time but it looks striking, and useful experience as I've only seen spring birds before.

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