Sunday, 4 October 2009

Thurs 1st Oct
What a day, didn't see any new birds but got better views of the Pechora and some pics then crippling views and pics of the Buff bellied before seeing 2 Arctic Polls together at Harrier and one in Ham.

After such a cracking day I couldn't imagine anything ruining it, then Janne and Hanna turned everything to rat shit when they found a Veery in the scrap pile on the quay (Gavs words were echoing round my head when I heard where it had been found, why didn't I check there? Well Ok cos its shit and the only bird I ever thought would have such little self respect to feed in that shit pile would be Rock Pipit!). The bird jumped out right in front of them, Janne turned to Hanna and calmly said 'Hanna take fuckin pictures!'. The bird then quickly made its way north along the cliff edge and disappeared. Frenchy connectd with it too so that leaves half of us with long faces! After missing the one on Unst a few years ago when the bastard cat at Northdale ate it before I got there I'm begining to think I'm destined not to see one! I get back to Ristie after checking the likely areas on the island and drawing a blank, We leave the islandat 10.15 in the morning so I'm hoping but not optimistic. I feel like drowning my sorrows but we have no beer left!

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