Friday, 16 October 2009

Had to take a trip to south gare today for a possible Blyth's Pipit. Got there about 7 and had a thrash round but it initially appeared it had gone, probably didn't help that only 6 people were looking for this potential first for the county! Anyway it was eventually found but was really flighty and we couldn't get any decent views of it. After flushing from range about 6 times mostly before we could even see it and then when we could it just about let you get a scope on it and it was off, fecking bird just wouldn't cooperate and being in a crowd that had now swelled to about 30 brought me right back to reality after Shetland.
Anyway the bird flew south for ages and was lost around 10ish. When it flew this last time it looked big and long tailed, to me it was a classic Richards, it did call and I thought it sounded like Richards too, but it was windy and I will admit to finding these two species difficult at the best of times. Looking at the pics it looks large billed, long tailed and the mantle and head streaking are within the range shown by Richards. The adult median covs visible also look pointed so all in all I can't find any reason to supect Blyth's Pipit. The lads who saw it yesterday though are adamant it looked small alongside meadow pipit and looked short tailed and horizintal stance with a good Blyth's call! I did have a nice juv Long tail fly right over my heed at about 30 foot whilst looking for the Pipit early doors.

Seawatching mught be good tomorrow so I should be in the coast early.

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