Sunday, 18 October 2009

Strange weekend, not quite as strange as last weekend admitedly but still a bit unexpected. First off I became single, then a Bluetail turned up at Spurn, not really all that strange until another one turned up!!! So as well as having the record count for Raddes (8 in one day, if I remember correctly) and Pacific and Little Swifts in the same day its now become the first site to have multiple Bluetails on the same day.

I got shit views of the first one on Sat as it was shown to the crowd in canal scrape car park, it was just too busy so I kept back and only saw it's heed. The second bird at the point was only seen by the finder until Sunday morning when Spenner refound it. It showed briefly late morning as it almost trapped itself then finally did the job at around 5pm when it flew back into the heligoland.

Although it may seem ridiculous to suggest this the fact the bird may have been in the trap bushes all day begs the question was there a 3rd bird? There was a sighting half way to the green beacon on the point only 10-15 minutes before it showed in the trap mid morning. Whether this was the same bird being highly mobile then not moving all day or another one we'll probably never know but it makes you wonder.

I was also pleased to learn on sat that the South Gare Pipit had been photographed well and proved to be a Richards after all. I'd rather it was a Blyth's but in all honesty it was never a good candidate.

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