Monday, 12 October 2009

Well where do I begin? What an eventful night Sat turned out to be. I've been staying in the hostel in Lerwick when on mainland Shetland usually with Gav or the others I was on Foula with, but with them all gone back to real life I ended up sharing a room this time.
The bloke I was sharing with was up fron Orkney for a music festival and I didn't see much of him as I was out all day birding and he was out 'fiddling' all night!
Anyway he comes in about half 3 on sun morning, I was asleep but vaguely recall hearing the door, next thing I'm semi awake and feel something touching my arse! I spin round and he's beside my bed getting a drink of water from the sink, I'm not sure if I was just aware of his presence and dreamt it so lie there to see what he's upto. After a while with him moving round the room opening the window and curtains he's at the foot of my bed near the door doing something with the lock, then he proceeds to lean forward and gently lift the duvet off my legs, it's at this point I realise the dirty bastard is knocking one out with his other hand!!! I'm up out of the bed really sharp with rage coursing through me and give the cunt a proper kicking. Somehow he manages to get the door open (he must have put it on the latch) and runs off. I get dressed and go after him but can't find him so wake the warden who chucks the fucker out of the room. I still can't quite believe it happened the dirty twat

Anyway back to the birds I was up and out early to make the most of my last day and started by finding the goldie flock nr mainlands stores north of the turning to Boddam. The yank was soon picked up and showed very well, it was one of the closest birds but still too far for any pics.
With no wind at all I decide to give the Sumburgh area a miss and go straight to Quendale I figure the trees here will be easy to work. I'm pretty pleased with my efforts turning up a Marsh Wrbler and a tristis type Chiff which unfortunatly won't call. as I'm about to leave Paul Harvey and Roger Riddington arrive and a short time later find a Spotted Sand! At least it was at the coast end of the burn where I didn't go.

Typical view of the marsh Warbler!

As near as it gets, without calling?

A quick check of the Virkie willows produces a single Yellow browed but nothing else so I decide to check Geosetter again. About 2/3 of the way up to the steep ravine part I get brief views of a Shrike in the willows, after about 2 hours all I've managed is two closish but mostly obscured views, mega distant views sat on thistles with no scope and a few flight views. I last saw it flying up the ravine and nearly an hour later have lost it so I decide to jack it in. Something is niggling me though so I put news out and sayin prob Red backed but can't rule out Brown and go see the Pechora at Veensgarth which shows well but too brief for any pics, shame cos at one point its sitting on a fence in perfect light.

Bum shrike views!


Anonymous said...

Are the pix here digi-scoped or taken with a dslr?

Yorkshire Birding said...

DSLR mate